Hey there! I'm new to Neocities, and also new to making a website from scratch, but I'm excited to be here! I just want a place on the web to put stuff I've made (and maybe just ramble) that I can also have fun designing myself — I'm not sure what sort of stuff I'll put here, but I guess we'll find out!

Thinking of getting design inspiration from Bulbapedia... it has one of my favorite layouts of all time!

NameIt's a secret~
LocationSootopolis City
NatureMild, often lost in thought
OccupationCollege student (studying CS!)
HobbiesDigital art, coding, anime & manga, video games, creative writing... really just typical otaku stuff, huh?
Favorite colorI say blue, but eventually I'll have to admit it's pink...
Favorite animalCats, octopuses (yes, that's the correct word), lions, mice, ducks, and parrots!
Favorite foodChili garlic chicken with green beans
Favorite drinkMilk tea! Or maybe cream soda...
Favorite musicElectropop, power metal, and whatever it's called when a song is mostly piano and sounds like church music but isn't...
LikesBright colors, gel pens, the Hoenn region, cheesy battle shounen anime, even cheesier otome games, spicy foods, bottled and canned drinks (I know it's worse for the environment, but something about the container makes it taste better), big jackets, going places on foot, stuffed animals and figurines, watching the first 8 episodes of an anime and then forgetting about it, Yu-Gi-Oh! (not that I'm any good at it), RPGMaker games, Christian mythology, making gay anime versions of biblical stories and disappointing all my old Catholic school teachers
DislikesBlack coffee, dark and gritty games, chase sequences, when manga artists draw a heavy shadow under everyone's bottom lip, modern social media...
Anime/mangaPandoraHearts, Durarara!!, Metal Fight Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Petshop of Horrors, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Cardfight!! Vanguard, HunterxHunter, Tiger&Bunny, Real Account, Lucky Star, Pokémon Advanced Generation and Pokémon Special, LOZ Four Swords, Olimpos... and more!
GamesAnything Pokémon (though Colosseum and XD hold a special place in my heart), Ace Attorney, Undertale, OFF, Animal Crossing, LOZ Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, Portal, Your Turn To Die, Dragalia Lost, Obey Me... there must be more, but they're slipping my mind right now...
Music artistsOwl City, MIKA, Jens Lekman, Vienna Teng, Avenged Sevenfold, Yuki Kajiura/Kalafina, Jonathan Coulton
OtherYGOTAS, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats (the musical), The Adventure Zone